The Deans of College Comedy is a one-of-a-kind event for any university.  The Deans are Steve Hofstetter (15 million YouTube views, host of Laughs on FOX), Jay Black (writer and co-star of the ION original movie Meet My Valentine), and Ronnie Jordan (appearances on HBO, BET, and Showtime).  These are three comedians who have, collectively, performed at over 2,500 schools and who own several awards for their work on the college circuit. The Deans are rising stars who have each had success in television and 

movies.  That said, this diverse group has one thing in common: a love for the stage, specifically, for the college stage.  When you put together a tour this amazing, however, you can't keep it contained on just the stage: this year's tour will be filmed for a concert special and a reality show. So not only will your college experience a one-of-a-kind live show, there's a chance it will be appearing on TV!  The Deans of College Comedy are the three best college comics in America, together on the same stage at last.